• Custom Book Cover Designs

    Get a front book cover custom designed for only $90 plus the cost of stock images. Receive a proof to look over within a week. Unlimited revisions can be made.

  • Custom Bookmark Designs

    When you’ve got a new book coming out, the best way to remind your readers is with a bookmark featuring all info you want them to remember. Only $35 for a fully customized bookmark design. You’ll receive the high resolution file to print wherever you’d like. Or ask me for printing options.

  • How It Works

    1. Fill out an order form with all your info and make payment.
    2. You can upload files to me if needed.
    3. I’ll send you a proof. For book covers within a week. For all other designs within 2-3 business days.
    4. We can make as many changes and revisions as needed to get the design perfect.

  • Postcards, Ads, Web Banners

    Get customized postcard designs, ad designs, web banners, Facebook timeline covers, etc for just $35. All your promo designs in one easy spot.

Tell me what you need

Start your order by filling out the online form. If you have an idea of what you want, feel free to describe it. Or if you want to leave it up to me, give me a few descriptive words to convey the feel that you're hoping for.

How long does it take?

After you fill out the order form and make payment, I'll have a proof ready for you to look over within 2-3 business days. Within a week for book covers. We can make unlimited revisions to get the perfect look.

What happens from there?

For book covers, this would be the time that we (you or me) would need to purchase the final decided upon stock images. For other designs such as bookmarks, I'll send you your design file and you take care of sending it off to print.

Get what you want – guaranteed

We can make as many changes as needed during the proofing process to get your design perfect. Unlimited revisions.

How much are stock images?

Stock images on average are around $15 each. I will make sure you know exactly which stock images you need and the prices before purchasing any.